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Ad Air Promotions is proud to introduce the Wavyguys™ Skydancers range –


The key to successful marketing is to get noticed

The key to successful marking is to get noticed. WavyGuys™ are a fantastic way to grab people’s attention and to turn passers-by into customers. We have several colour options or custom printed options available. Choose from the thousands of in-stock Wavyguy™ Skydancers or work with our design team to create the perfect custom inflatable to fit your needs. Choose from a wide array of colours.  Ad Air Promotions is the premier supplier of high-quality inflatable advertising and has exactly what your business needs to get noticed!

This WavyGuys™ Skydancer is a 6 meter tall, dynamically dancing, inflatable advertising product that will promote your business or sale like no other product or service can.

Get your business noticed today with the use of the Ad Air Promotions WavyGuys™ Skydancer.

Our WavyGuys™ Skydancer comes with a top quality B-Air Vortex weather resistant blower for maximum performance in a range of weather conditions.

 – A TOP QUALITY USA blowers with a two stage power switch of LOW 1150W and HI 1300W to ensure great inflation –

Our Wavyguys™ Skydancers Range


Waveguy™ Black – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ Blue – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ Green – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ Orange – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)


Waveguy™ Pink – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ Purple – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ White – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)

Waveguy™ Yellow – $800
(incl Delivery & GST)


Custom Waveguy™ – Ask for Prices

2 Waveguys™ + 1 Vortex B-Air Blower – $1000
(incl Delivery & GST)

B-Air Vortex Replacement Blower – $600
(incl Delivery & GST)


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