Studying and keeping to these specifications saves you and us
a lot of work and prevents extra costs!


Keep in mind the following remarks:

  • Clear description of the artwork with reference print file in JPEG
  • Preferably design files in proportion 1:10 in 350 DPI.
  • Use the Pantone Coated colours as a base. This colour system is also part of the colour library of the software below.
  • Always send us the exact PMS colours as reference material, in case these are unknown to us we are not responsible for any difference in colour.
  • Pantone Coated colours are printed by us using CMYK inks and so are only an approach.



Adobe Illustrator (3.0 up to and including CS):

  • Convert all text to outlines or always deliver the fonts as well.
  • Use the Pantone Coated colours for filled flats.
  • Do not use transparent colours! This is because of any potential rip problems.
  • Always send along the used scans (don’t embed but link in Illustrator file).


Adobe Photoshop (5.5 up to and including CS):

  • Save images as EPS files. Save large bitmaps (>15 Mb) as EPS files with JPG compression maximum quality.
  • Supply images as RGB file (Adobe RGB 1998) or as CMYK Euroscale file. Don’t supply colour divided files!
  • Do not place lines such as texts and logo in Photoshop because of loss of quality. For example use Illustrator for this purpose.
  • Pantone colours are always converted into CMYK or RGB values in Photoshop! This does not always happen very securely.
  • Always evaluate scans on a well set up and calibrated computer screen!


Supplying files:

  • Media storage: CD / Zip up to 250Mb / Disk 3.5” 1.4Mb / DVD / MOD 3.5” / fire wire HD.
    Other support always in consultancy.
  • E-mail: send up to 4 Mb (after compression).
    Always compress data using Stuffit or WinZip or YouSendIt, especially to prevent damage while sending.
  • The name of the file to be sent can not include strange characters (such as e.g. slashes) and can not consist of more than 8 digits.



In case certain colours are very important, clearly state the Pantone Coated colours if applicable.

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