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– About inflatable advertising

Ad Air Promotions specialises in Inflatable Advertising, from in-store promotions, rooftop inflatables to giant corporate advertising and event marketing. In a nutshell: The advantages of inflatables are: Set-up times are minimal, The items can be used many times over, Transportation from venue to venue is easy, most items fit into the back of a car, and many more. Have a browse through our wide range of inflatable advertising and promotions products.


All our inflatables are made of carefully selected fabrics and are designed and tested for long term usage.

Cost Savings

Our inflatable applications are very cost effective versus other solutions available for 3-dimensional inflatable advertising constructions. Due to the minimal need for storage space, the easy way of transporting the products and the simplicity of usage, inflatables are a great and cost effective way of promoting your brand and products.

Reason for inflatable media

AD AIR PROMOTIONS can produce inflatable products ranging in size from a few cm up to approx 30 mtr. We manage the process from A to Z ourselves. This allows for maximum quality and cost control.


The function, purpose and relevance of inflatable advertising is enormous. It is also cost efficient. The transport, handling and storage is simple. Above all, you decide the design which will be custom-made to your specifications.

Products (overview)

Ad Air promotions produces custom requirement solutions. These include giant inflatables, rooftop balloons, blimps, arches, domes & trade-show booths, costumes, sky-dancers, mini-inflatables, value-add and helium filled items. Special projects consist of complex inflatables, both small and large.
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Feel free to browse the site, or contact us by e-mail or phone for ideas, advice and/or pricing. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the many ways inflatable advertising can assist your event projects.

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